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Vladimír Textoris I have 7 years experience in classical, healing and tantric massages. Breath slow, but don't lose the flow. Individual Lessons 60 min 1 000,-, relationship coaching 60 min 1 000,-, rang Dröl Session 60 min 800,-, assistant for Lessons 60 min 750,-, you can find your therapist in the calendar. Should I bring my partner? Far beyond the bedroom. Keep up your important work. First Semester (autumn) Module 1: Core teachings basic tantric practices Module 2: Vital life force the root spine chakra Module 3: Sexuality the sacral plexus Second Semester (spring) Module 4: Personal performance, will power conscious self-development Module 5: Heart-based living, emotional balance the cardio plexus. I specialize in improving relationships. We are welcoming all the open-minded people who would like to experience the rejuvenating and healing power of the loving, sensuous touch and conscious energy work.

To discover life as a whole and unveil the godly spark within all human beings. Each module consists of 6-7 weekly classes, thus Tantra Level 1 lasts around 12 months including holidays. What if you could rediscover the innocence of a child, its curiosity and playfulness; and learn again how to enjoy life with the ones we love, applying no schedule in love games. The course integrates also some playful group exercises that help one to awaken the heart, overcoming internal barriers and transform. In order to step out of such behaviours, it is essential to recover the connection with our selves, working with our challenges and gaining a deeper contact with our own power and resources. Combination of full presence and relaxation can also give access to the extended states of consciousness and healing effect on physical and emotional levels. Comfortable, professional and sweet at the same time.

What should you consider? The results just after two days I believe have been life changing for me at least. It is a path that requires full commitment. The Tantra Course is a systematic and in-depth core transformation course that gradually takes you deeper into the levels of teachings in Tantra. Type of Session, period, price NOK, classical Tantric Massage 90 min 1 600,- 120 min 2 000,- 180 min 3 000,- 240 min 4 000. I would like to come back in the very near future. As a result, we might diminish our self-esteem and strengthen the feelings of superiority or inferiority. It is an active admiration of life and nature, where no aspect is declined:  inner or outer, up or down, joy or sorrow, laughter or cry, distance or intimacy, trust or doubt, shadow or light, energy or consciousness. What is going to happen in Tantra Level 1? Nevertheless, if you do it mechanically you risk losing spontaneity, innocence and the untamed wild side.

It is true that slow breathing enables to prevent ejaculation and prolong lovemaking. We often tend to retreat in rejections or contractions, when life becomes 'too much'. I have tried this type of massage before, but this was by far the best! Nonetheless, all this cannot be attained in one single day. These materials often contain more information, than it is possible to discuss in the class.

Gavin from Munich, thank you for a wonderful experience, Sunrise. In essence, Tantra is not a technique, but a lifestyle of love; a prayer; a relaxation into the heart to the point, where you generate a space where your lover and you merge no longer only as bodies but as the fundamental masculine and feminine. Following the session both the client and therapist are relaxed and revitalized with fresh, vibrant energy. IN HÄlsans HUS, stora salen, tHE tantra course - level. Programs and dogmas inhibit the spontaneous play and tear us from each other, as it tears us from being present to what. Now I know how important touches are. Its authors were inspired by wisdom of ancient Eastern traditions and designed holistic massage which enables to experience very deep relaxation, get rid of emotional blockages and completely melt into the present moment.

Participation: You can decide how many semesters/modules you want to take part in, yet the course is based on continuous participation and gradually introduction to the basics in the tantric system of sacred practices. Tantra is not an add-on to your regular sex life. The principle behind the design: A spiral of learning The Tantra Course is set to mimic the natural development of any organism. Free intro TO tantra: 12TH september 2018,.15 -.00. Tantra Massage Studio, sunrise Tantra Massage studio is a constantly evolving company, based in Oslo, offering men, women and couples authentic tantric massages, individual lessons and sexological bodywork sessions with certified specialists. It is the spiritual heart connection which truly makes us feel connected. The techniques and theory, which you get during the course is incredibly effective and based on the ancient tantric system adapted to the pathways of modern life. Human connection, sensuality and intimacy are essential experiences that open us up to a rich inner world. The way we walk, the way we talk, the way we eat, the way we breathe, the way we sleep, the way we react and the way we love and make love.


Tantra Level 1 - Facts Course structure: The Tantra Course is divided into levels, semesters and modules of in-depth study and practical applications with weekly classes. Once you have experienced depth, it will take you even deeper. In Tantra Level 1 most exercises are first practised individually. It is a way to get inspired, to enrich new perspectives and develop our inner talents and natural gifts beyond any imagination. The secret sexual practices turn your life into a magic wheel of spiritual progress and self-awakening. Once you engage in the tantric erotic practice, lovemaking becomes a dynamic meditation. Once you have experienced intensity, it will only get even more intense.

By a special use of all your senses, your sensuality, your mind and spirit you can reach truly mystic experiences. The course is based on continuous transformation and is structured like a school divided into levels, semesters and modules. The body is a temple offering us an enormous potential of energetic experiences through a great variety of conscious touch, energy games and sensual experiences, and yet we should never forget that what we seek and adore in each other is much more than body. Each course includes theory and practice where we do the techniques we have learned so far. It is a way to celebrate life, and gradually abandon any kind of 'celibacy'.

Through touch and conscious massages I found the path to my self-acceptance and I know the same could happen with you. Everything that has ever happened to us becomes reflected in the way we are able to feel pleasure. You can come alone or with your partner. It is not a philosophy but a way of living life. Karolina, our bodies tell the story of our lives. Prices conditions for participation (see more here.). Lovemaking becomes dynamic meditation. Andre from Oslo, view all.

Whats most important for me in tantra massage is a profound experience of the meeting between two beings. Time: Wednesdays 20:00 - 22:00, teachers: Sahajananda Aurora, place: Stora Salen, Hälsans Hus, Stockholm. What can i say about the session whit Karolina, WOW. We look forward to seeing you. Experience yourself the fascinating reality of the chakras.

A new way of living. More info here, tantra level 1 seasonal opening: 19TH september 2018,.00 -.00. Tantra teaches you the secrets of how to live life consciously and ecstatically. The tantric teachings are explained in a grounded and often playful way but also integrates interesting knowledge from modern science. To change how you make love is to change something inside of you. In this way, the agile student has the opportunity to gradually assimilate and develop him- or herself in all the spheres of his/her life. It is is the science of life, an empirical approach to spirituality, in which all the theory is validated by your practice and direct experience. The last chakra module about " Transpersonal psychology the crown chakra" is included in the first semester of Tantra Level.

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In the first level, we are mapping the entire energetic structure of the human being, giving you a frame of understanding from where you can begin to realize why you are the way you are and why you see the world in a certain way. Our Team, daniela, for me combination of Tantra and bodywork is one of the most profound journey in which we can work on ourselves, heal our bodies and grow spiritually with respect. And you are connected to everything. We will give you an understanding of the structure of your being from the physical body to the more subtle bodies of the mind and consciousness and go in depth with the chakra system, studying each chakra for 6-7 weeks and the level of consciousness. The techniques we practice in a group does not contain any form of erotic practices, all erotic exercises are homework. With Tantra as your guiding star, your erotic play becomes powerful, effervescent and sacred beyond your wildest dreams. What if we can learn to embrace it all? Your commitment and expectations A gram of practice is worth tons of theory, therefore we will include various exercises, hatha yoga or meditation in each class. Learn not be afraid to be yourself. It is more than some simple stretching exercises, rituals or meditation techniques.

More info here, every wednesdays 20:00 - 22:00 onwards. Please come in soft, comfortable clothing, and on an empty stomach, as we often do yoga exercises that require you to feel comfortable and relaxed. What IS tantra ALL about? For that I feel more free. The body, its senses and magnificent aliveness of vibrant energies offer us a great variety of possibilities to connect with each other and with ourselves, to offer pleasure to each other and experience pleasure in our own being; to offer loving presence and to experience.

Happiness and contentment depends primarily on the relationship we have with our selves. How to stay centred in the eye of the storm, when life is raging all around you. Can I go alone? Nothing could be further from the true potential and authentic core purpose of Tantra. Playing along with the perpetual unfolding of events will teach us unimaginable and precious lessons from life. The course will be kept in a safe and harmonious environment. More than learning how to access the immense power of the erotic energy and achieve multiple ecstatic orgasms, that will bring about even more profound realizations and allow you to experience directly the nature of consciousness, your essence beyond mind and personality, the core. It is the art of experiencing intensely every moment in your life as if it was the last one. Practicalities We meet once a week for about two hours.

Tantra is much more than incense and acrobatic kama sutra positions. This course is a journey of self-development and therefore do not require you to be in a relationship. It only let them know, that failures are the stepping stones to d later on true success. Lucy, i know how a loving touch can heal body and soul with immediate effect! The role of the chakras in our spiritual evolution. Insights, power and contentment, because we compare ourselves and compete with others, we might not be in touch with who we really are. By listening and practicing what was explained to me I found some of my true self again. You are also highly recommended to set time aside daily for homework, to practice the techniques given in the course, which is what will give you results and make a difference in your life. Therefore the course will go into all the spheres of human life, including the physical body, health, sexuality, performance, human relations, psychology, philosophy and much more. Tantric erotic practices, eastern medicine and Western psychology, the subtle anatomy of the human being.

You will learn about: Sacred practices from the tantric tradition. Caroline from Australia, view all, tantric Massages, by touching gently my whole body she helped me to clean my head from thoughts and to my surprise I relaxed and opened up to the strong feelings I have never experienced before. It is not something you know but something you. Through this experience I have come to know myself and my truth and some blocks have been removed. And yes, we can learn to embrace it d to experience it again and again in every moment. In the course, we have structured this knowledge into levels, semesters and modules, that gradually unfold the whole picture. Get both the wild passion and the sublime lovemaking by learning the genuine Erotic Tantra as part of our course.

Available: form .10. Structure of the Course Tantra itself means network and is a vast system of ancient wisdom and understanding of the human life and the human soul. Tantra Sacred Sensuality In Tantra, sensuality is approached as something deeply sacred. Once youve begun to practice you will get the first-hand experience of expansion of consciousness and become aware of the profound nature of Tantra as a science, a unifying experience of body, mind and heart, and a means by which you realize the mysteries liberating. I would like to give a great big thank you to the wonderful couple (Vladimir and Svitlana) at this spa who were compassionate, professional and knowledgable at all times. What if you could. A new range of possibilities to rise in the light of awareness and a natural state of deep relaxation of mind, body and heart. Tantra is a way of living that encompasses everything. You need no prior knowledge of Tantra, or spirituality, just an open mind and willingness to learn about life's transformative power!

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