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The celebrations of graduating 'russ known for their red or blue overalls and caps, traditionally reach their climax on the 17th of May, Norway's Constitution Day. Related Stories out with a bang (and a barf). Indeed, they worked through the whole lesson without any problems. I nervously and half seriously asked if they were OK under the table they replied that they were and seemed eager to work. Russ are easily recognized by their distinctive overalls, which tradition dictates that they wear from the 1st to the 17th of May without interruption (except when sleeping and without washing. Currently, the dungaree version is most popular due to influence from American rap culture. This includes problems with alcohol a russ -related death this year was a sober reminder of how things can get out of hand. And then they style the inside of it as awesome as possible, buy the biggest speakers they can and get someone to spray paint the outside. National Day, which completes the russefeiring. But surely a reason for why the move was even considered possible in the first place is because of the way the Norwegian education system works.

This domain is 0 years old. Tradition dictates that each russ wears overalls during the entire russefeiring. Peer pressure in any country generally involves people doing things they regret, feeling excluded and not enjoying some of the potentially most enjoyable years of their life. Whether being stricter on the russ will make things better is difficult to argue it could well end up with the large number of those who act (relatively) responsibly being punished for the excesses of a few. Most of the time, the only serious risk is a bad hangover but things can go too far. This hard line was disappointing to many of the interested parties (not least the russ themselves and threatens efforts to ensure the best for everyone concerned, and the welfare of the students involved. This way, the russ' attire is complete before they join the local National Day parade, which is the culmination of the russefeiring. It is, quite clearly, not inclusive and that doesnt even begin to address how exclusive the whole experience might be for those who dont drink alcohol, particularly members of diverse cultural groups in Norways evermore multicultural society. Completing the tasks earns you trophies - often just paperclips - which you tie to your hat. Views and News from Norway/ Aled-Dilwyn Fisher Join our Readers Forum or comment below.

To everything I said: For one lesson, I felt like an Evangelical preacher, rather than a substitute teacher, although I did run out of excuses to say things just to hear their reply. Overalls are unisex, and usually available in two versions, one full overall (with arms and one resembling dungarees. UNI warning, how 'hippy crack' dealers are targeting university freshers moving away from home for the first time. The debate over changing the dates of the russ season or, more accurately, on moving the exam season back before russ starts has raged in Norway for the past few years. The public disorder can be problem too, even when Russ challenges could include cleaning up all of the mess from last night. But whilst organisers are increasingly conscious of the problems associated with the boozy tradition, nothing is likely to stop the wild Norwegian students from letting their hair down. The two latter colors are rarely seen due to the lower student numbers in such courses. But there's a dark side to Russ too: in recent years, police have become increasingly concerned with violence and incidents of sexual assault over the three-week period. At its best, like the American and British proms, russ can be a final hurrah before the start of adult life. The way money is spent, however, is a stark reminder not just of the gap between Norways wealth and that of the rest of the world, but also a slap in the face from the upper class within the country to everybody else.

One clearly necessary reform is to change the arrangement so that the exams take place before russ. Has registered on and has updated on and will expire. Its not uncommon for a bus to be sold for 50,000. This years festivities have thrown up cases of the dreaded meningitis virus, with many students (particularly in Bærum, just outside of Oslo) having rushed to get vaccinations to fend off the threat. Many teachers are breathing a sigh of relief, after weeks of wild partying and sometimes dangerous stunts disrupted neighborhoods and worried not only parents but police as well.

Which of the two versions are more popular varies from year to year. Rape too is, sadly, a common menace during the party season. The color of the overalls should match the graduate's line of study: red for courses that are geared towards higher education (this is the most common color blue for courses in business (also higher education in economics and management white for medical and social studies. The way proms can be exclusionary and unnecessarily tense affairs (through, for example, competition for award categories, which often come down to how much parents are willing to spend on outfits) are similar to russ. Alamy 6, there have been concerns in recent years that the festival can become too rowdy, with violence increasingly common.


The ceremony involves the christening of the graduate, in which the graduate is awarded a name by his or her fellow graduates who, in their opinion, either characterize an aspect of the graduate's normal behavior, or the one exhibited during the russefeiring. It is this utterly frivolous waste of money that is probably the most aggravating thing about russ ; in comparison, the sex, drugs and crazy dares are fairly mundane. Alamy 6, the messy festival sees school leavers embark on a debauched three-week bender. Aled-Dilwyn Fisher from Wales, who teaches at a top Oslo high school in addition to writing for. Bizarrely, the festival takes place during term time, so students may have classes or even exams to attend between parties. One good aspect of its organizational nature is that many of the extremes occur in more public settings and can be challenged; but it is certainly a problem when the extremes become tolerated, encouraged and, eventually, institutionalized. Students in the Scandinavian nation embark on the Russefeiring to mark the end of their time in high school, celebrating the end of classes with an "incomparable" blowout. Most are a bit silly or even disgusting, but pose no direct harm to others, such as drinking a half-liter of beer with two tampons stuck in your mouth.

Other common russ paraphernalia is the whip and the whistle. But these problems, however serious, need to be tackled by all western societies. They also have cars, vans, or buses, which are painted the same color as their overalls, and often sport large sound systems or lighting rigs. Amidst all the frivolity, there's a dark side to the annual 'russ' celebrations that are now ending after weeks of hard partying. This name is written on the brim before the cap is handed over. Of course, there are other things about russ that non-Norwegians find difficult to understand. As the weeks of debauchery go on, students are set increasingly difficult challenges, which could include drinking 24 beers in 24 hours, kissing a police officer or having sex outdoors. Rather than listening to these calls, it seems the school authorities are preparing to dig in with a tougher line.

It is used for banging things (such as the russ' car) rhythmically while chanting slogans in the 17th of May parade. Before or after exams? But here in Norway, the russ phenomenon in some ways sharpens the emotional pressure, channeling it into an all-encompassing, mass cultural experience. You have to be part of a the coolest little group; that group, to be really cool, needs to buy a russ bus, often at great expense, and spend huge amounts of time and even greater amounts of money decorating, painting and, crucially, stocking the. Like all activities that attract young people, at its extremes russ can be exclusionary, decadent and dangerous. Views and News, shares his thoughts on his first encounter with the russ culture. Not all the dares are quite so sweet and innocent but, generally speaking, they are just the kind of thing that most teenagers get up to in similar parties around the world, and involve various levels of drunken escapades.

Instagram 6, after completing challenges, students earn prizes to be pinned to their Russ hats. The cap should match the overalls in color, and should be worn for the entire. This is something the russ organizations themselves must lead, but it will need a supporting role from parents and schools. A knot rewards a certain accomplishment during the russ period. Spew-niversity, freshers' Week carnage continues as uni newbies vomit in the street and eat chips off the floor in Liverpool and Portsmouth. Russefeiring is the national tradition where Norwegian school leavers embark on a three-week bender, involving outdoor sex, pimped-out party busses and insane quantities of booze.

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there are times when, as a teacher, you just dont know how to react after all, you have to be ready for just about anything in the classroom. News commentary: As the end of another school year draws to a close, the annual party season for graduating students known as russ is winding down as well. Students also make ID cards, called Russecards, which you give out to people you meet so they have your name, number and social media profiles. Photo: Views and News. Each knot represented a prank played or a dare met during the month. These pranks range from the most inoffensive to the most stupid and immoral: -spending a night in a tree -eating a Big Mac in two bites -spending a school day crawling on hands and knees -running naked through the city center in daylight -biting the. I certainly didnt want to make a fuss about it myself.

Each year a competition takes place among the students as to who can get the most knots on their cap. Patricia Svendsen, a former student who completed her Russ in 2010, told : "The school year starts in August and you immediately start planning Russ. Opened on and this domain is 0 month old We see that is not using Google Adsense to monetize and, 909488 Alexa Rank and Country rank shows us how good and useful this site. The best comparison I can think of for russ to phenomena in other countries is perhaps the obsession with end-of-school proms that grips American and, increasingly, the. There are, for example, a number of health risks associated with the massive gatherings that take place as part of russ. The difference with russ is that is happens on a larger, more organized scale. Above all, Id hope to see a different stance towards the profligate spending that goes. Known simply as "Russ the celebration sees students tour the country in lavish party busses, which often cost thousands of pounds to rent out. For all the fun of some of the russ traditions, the acceptance of irresponsible expense, in particular, is no laughing matter. They were already happily and quietly working away at their laptops, and didnt seem to want any particularly reaction.

Twitter 6, things often get raunchy at the boozy festival, where drinkers are often challenged to have sex outdoors or strip off whilst boozing. A recent meeting between the governments Directorate for Education and Training and a number of interested parties essentially promised a tougher line against the russ. Norway, too, at some junior high schools. Partly, the reasons are historical the russ season was originally and intuitively after the exams, but was moved in 1979 to before the exams in a seemingly vain attempt to dampen the festivities and encourage moderation by setting it in the pre-exam revision period. Furthermore, the attitude remains that russ is a private activity and that exams should not be moved on the basis of students social habits. Russ veteran Patricia said: You should try drinking a beer with two tampons in your mouth, its funny.". However good Norway is in terms of social indicators compared to its European neighbours, it can always be better. Beyond that, sexual health advice can always be increased and the positive educational work being done to avoid rape and other serious crimes should certainly continue. To support our news service, please click the Donate button now.

Condom warning, thousands of 'unsafe condoms which may split' were handed out to students during Freshers' Week. The proms involve many of the same problems peer pressure, needless and gratuitous expense, and sometimes alcohol abuse with many of the same aggravating factors associated with its active institutionalization. Indeed, perhaps the worst thing about russ is the way it seems to amplify that awful force present in the lives of every young adult peer pressure. The dares exemplify in a nutshell how similar russ is to teenage life in most other countries, and certainly the UK (where I grew up). The biggest for me as both someone new to Norway and a teacher is why this intense partying season comes before, and not after, the presumably vital end-of-year exams. The russ organizations themselves are fully behind the change and the Norwegian Association of Graduate Teachers also publicly campaigns for putting written exams before the russ season (with oral exams still coming later). Patricia adds: Some kids save money, or get tons of money from their parents, and then they go ahead and buy themselves a bus a whole bus.

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On the 17th of May (which is Norway's National Day, and the final day of the festivities) they are also recognizable by their caps (russelue which resemble student caps, and also match the color of the overalls. Getty Images 6, the festival sees students set increasingly bizarre and difficult challenges. The whip was originally a birch twig, but is now often purchased and made from bamboo or plastic. Over the years the russefeiring has become big business, and consequently a number of companies provide a plethora of optional paraphernalia for russ to purchase, such as t-shirts, sweaters, baseball caps, and. The difference is that russ lasts for weeks, and grips the entire nation at precisely the same time. This is, of course, no different from many societies but it cannot be dismissed as a natural problem that cannot be solved. Perhaps russ could come to play a bigger role in charity, volunteering and campaigning for social and environmental justice or, sex swingers gratis sex video at the very least, they could get back to having a good time without asking participants to spend a fortune. My absolute favourite was when the students had to reply hallelujah! The Russ outfit - overalls with a hat - is sorted well in advance, as are the painted party busses, which are decorated with elaborate designs and vibrant colours.

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